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It's finally time to reveal the results of the Countingwell Maths Premier League!


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About Countingwell

Countingwell’s blended learning strategy combines app-based micro-learning Maths lessons that children can do at home in sync with classroom teaching to maximise student success.

Our blended learning is intended to provide individualised and self-paced Maths learning for students and make it easy for teachers to assign personalised homework and pull data that guides their classroom instruction; allowing teachers to deliver differentiated instruction to students, use small group activities, engage students and facilitate effective learning for all.

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MPL 2021 Prizes for Schools


Fight for the Glory of your School

Get the highest total score globally and stand a chance to bring the Countingwell Ramanujan Maths Trophy 2021 to your School along with a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

The winners in each of the 7 zonal school categories - East, West, South, North, North East, Central, and International - will receive Cash Prizes and Certificates.

School Prizes

MPL 2021 Prizes for Students

Winning this event brings prestige and glory to the School besides several exciting prizes including Cash Awards. Prizes will be awarded based on accuracy and speed.

Bumper Cash Prizes

Highest Score in the Finals | Grades 6-7-8
1st Position: Rs.10,000 + Medal (for each grade)
2nd Position: Rs.8,000 + Medal (for each grade)
3rd Position: Rs.5,000 + Medal (for each grade)

Weekly Cash Prizes

Highest Total Score Each Week | Grades 6-7-8
1st Position: Rs.1000 (for each grade)
2nd Position: Rs.500 (for each grade)

Countingwell Premium Subscriptions

Highest Total Score | Grades 6-7-8
Top 25 in each grade: 95% off on Premium Subscription
Next 50 in each grade: 75% off on Premium Subscription
Next 100 in each grade: 50% off on Premium Subscription
Next 150 in each grade: 25% off on Premium Subscription
Next 200 in each grade: 20% off on Premium Subscription
Next 250 in each grade: 10% off on Premium Subscription

MPL 2021 FAQs

For Students

The Countingwell Maths Premier League is India’s most prestigious Maths skill tournament for middle-schoolers. Over 5 weeks, schools participate in a series of exciting maths tests that demonstrate their students' prowess.

Students in Classes 6 - 8 can participate in the event.

Sign up on the Countingwell app, and make sure you get as many students from your school to join you. The event is conducted on the Countingwell Maths Learning App.

You will need to download the Countingwell App from the links provided on this page on your smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices are supported. You cannot use the app on a PC or a tablet.

It is open to students of all academic boards. Although the content largely aligns with NCERT, all students undergo one week of learning before taking the test, so students studying under any board can prepare for it.

Schools, as well as students, can enroll in MPL 2021 absolutely free of charge. Free users can only access the app for a limited amount of time each day. Nevertheless, this should be sufficient for most students to complete the learning and take the test.

The school and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their Math problem solving skills on many different levels. You will be challenged by schools and students around the world over the course of five weeks. In addition to several exciting prizes and cash awards, winning this event brings prestige and glory to the school.

Throughout five weeks, winners are selected through a series of events. We award winners based on their best averages and total scores. Schools with the highest totals win exciting cash prizes.

Students can register individually to compete for the Weekly Cash Prize as well as the Bumper Cash Prize.

In order to qualify for the Finals on 19 September 2021, you must complete at least two weekly tests.

If the winner achieves the highest score in the shortest time, that is the winner.

You can prepare by just completing the weekly courses before each test.

Absolutely YES. The app is designed to help students like you learn maths in an easy and fun manner by just spending 20 minutes daily. You will find it a valuable aid to your classroom learning since it matches your school curriculum. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the premium version for unlimited access, including doubt solving. Our subscription plans are Here.

For Schools

Countingwell users must download the app and sign up to use it. Participants will use the Countingwell Maths Learning App to take part in the event.

Mobile users must download the Countingwell App from the links provided on this page. Both iOS and Android devices are supported. PCs and tablets are not compatible with the app.

Students must be in Grades 6-8. Allowing or encouraging students who are in higher grades to compete will lead to the school and its students being disqualified.

Teams are automatically formed based on the information students provide about the school during registration. We recommend that you encourage your students to register under the common standard name of your School and ensure they spell it correctly.

It is up to the schools to decide how many students to send. School level awards are, however, only granted to schools that send 40 or more students (across all grades). Individual awards will be presented to students regardless of the number of students participating.

The scores for schools are either the sum of all scores obtained by individuals across all grades, the sum of grade-specific scores, or the average. These are calculated across all events. As certain awards rely on total scores of all students combined, the more students your school nominates, the greater the chances of winning the award.

The school leaderboards will be published during the event. We will also contact you directly if your school has won an award.

During this event, we will prepare the students for their maths chapters. Even if the schools don't follow the same syllabus, the content is designed to ensure that most of the concepts are covered. Our unique Learning-through-Competition program motivates children to learn maths concepts in a fun and engaging way.

For more information about Countingwell for Schools, visit: Countingwell can help your school provide your students with the most effective after-school learning and homework management tools.