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Learning Objectives
for each Grade.



Auto-assign Smart and
Personalized Homework

Set personalized homework or practice assignments and monitor student progress at the click of a button.

Helps Teachers
Save Time

Save 60+ minutes every day in assigning and correcting Maths homework.

Accurately Auto-Correct

Conduct Formative and Summative Assessments. Autocorrected accurately with our AI.

Helping Students Score More

Curriculum aligned adaptive content, formative assessments that identify learning gaps even from previous years, and first line remedial intervention.

Easy Classroom Instructions
and Instant Reinforcement

Utilize the results of students’ assignments to drive further teaching and to give instant reinforcement.

Aligned with National Education
Policy (NEP) 2020

Clearly defined learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter
Blended learning approach to build a connection with classroom learning
Engaging learning methods to make Maths learning fun
Optimum use of technology and modern techniques of teaching
Inclusive of 21st century skills - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity)
Regular formative and adaptive assessments for personalized learning and tracking individual performance

Maths Homework That Makes Sense

Encourages Growth Mindset

with step-by-step learning methods

Encourages Growth Mindset

with step-by-step learning methods

Accelerated progress of your child

Countingwell's end-of-term reports have shown 90% of children learning with Countingwell are making good progress on average, compared to just 38% students making progress without Countingwell.

Making Maths fun for Thousands of Students

Countingwell helps to enhance the student’s self-learning abilities. It is something unique that I have experienced. The concepts were clearly covered.

Priti Chugh

It is so exciting to progress from one level to another. Tough problems are solved through videos, which makes it easy. I enjoy learning through Countingwell.

Pranav Parasuraman

I am a working woman & my son studies by himself. I am thankful to the countingwell team for designing an app which makes learning maths more interesting for students.

Archana Shenoj

Bring Countingwell
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