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For Students

Student centric, evidence based, personalized learning aligned with school curriculum

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower teachers with solutions to better understand their students’ learning potential and learning needs and, enlighten them effectively without increasing the workload.

We leverage AI-driven technology to support capacity building for teachers and deliver personalized learning to their students to help improve the overall performance of the class.


Blended learning driven by intelligent, evolutionary assessments and personalized learning paths


Web based and mobile platform. Powered by AI-driven proprietary algorithms for assessments and personalized learning.

Assessment for Learning: Data driven framework to identifies misconceptions, learning gaps and error patterns

Continuous cycle of Assessments, Feedback and Personalized Learning

Deep Analytics on class performance to help schools Refine Teaching Methodologies

Supports Dynamic Streaming of the classroom and ability to provide Personalized Homework

For Students
For Teachers

Solutions for Students

Personalized Learning for Students

Every child has different learning needs and gaps. Countingwell’s personalized learning solutions are integrated into the classroom, directed by teachers and designed to help each child learn as if they had their own personal guide.

AI-driven Personalized Learning:

  • Instantly identify students in need of assistance and unravel their areas of improvement through smart assessments
  • Make students aware of their misconceptions and provide evidence-based, personalized learning
  • Track progress and improvement


Capacity Building for Teachers

We set teachers free from the manual effort of assessing individual students, thus saving them time and improving their productivity. We empower them with effective insights for narrowing the gap between low and high achievers, while raising overall achievement.

The solutions helps teachers:

  • Stream the class in real-time, with the most updated status of the students’ learning gaps and needs
  • Suggest right content and lesson plans for student-centric teaching
  • Free up time by delivering automated, personalized home assignments and reports
  • Help the teachers focus on planning and learning

How it works – for students

  1. Select class / chapter you want to cover
  2. Take Countingwell assessment to identify your learning needs and gaps
  3. You receive your personalized learning plan, designed just for you
  4. Complete your customized learning assignment with practice exercices
  5. Do a re-assessment to see immediate improvement and get ready for the next class

Benefits for Students

Identification of areas of improvement in maths through easy to read reports.
Personalized learning plan and remedial content to work on  areas of improvement.
Simple assessments to ensure that in-class learnings are progressively reinforced
Self study initiatives become more planned and targeted using the learning plan.