• Being active and not merely passively consuming information
  • No penalization for mistakes, just encouragement
  • Moving from rote to inquiry based learning

Adaptive & Informed

  • Build on existing knowledge to build a strong foundation
  • Covers any knowledge and skill gaps from previous classes
  • Continually assess child’s knowledge, understanding, calculations, modelling and comprehension


  • Personalise each child’s learning plan
  • Tracks progress and adjusts based on a child’s unique needs
  • Helps Develop deeper understanding of Maths principles


  • Adapts to multiple learning styles
  • Text for readers; Illustrative materials for visual learners; audiovisual materials for linguistic-verbal learners; inquiry-based and interactive tools for logical and intrapersonal learners
  • Gamified to engage with kinesthetic learners


  • Allows children to progress at their own pace
  • Provides a learning plan detailing what to learn, when to learn it, and how to learn
  • Clarify doubts in real time to ensure conceptual understanding
  • Inculcates values and appreciation for learning through real-world scenarios

Bite Sized Learning

  • Help children learn with bite-sized lessons
  • Focus on one concept or skill at a time
  • 20 minutes lessons for better retention

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