Give your child the skills and knowledge to manage their money and finance from an early age

Foundations of Financial Literacy - for kids of
Grades 6-9

Countingwell’s carefully crafted course will make Financial Literacy easier.

Many children go into adulthood and jobs without basic financial literacy. They learn Maths but not the maths behind how money works. They learn good habits, but not about borrowing, saving and investing. It is important for children to become financially literate at an early age.

Gift this course to your child and help them start on the path to a bright and secure financial future.

In this course, children in grades 6 to 9 will learn everything from setting a budget and financial goals to building credit, saving smartly and borrowing responsibly and mastering the art of being smart with money and managing finances in the most efficient manner possible.

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Key Topics


Learn the Maths behind Money. Get an early numerical advantage by getting a holistic understanding of how to make the numbers work in your favour.

Basics of Money

Learn how to multiply your money. We help you dive into money matters because money actually matters.

Managing Income and Savings

Helping you focus on your income plans and how to locate the best opportunities. Because that's how money grows.

Spending, Loans and Borrowing

Better and Smarter money habits for a safe and financially secure future. Spend responsibly.


Learn to direct your money in the right direction.Learn to manage your finances for you to personalise your spending power.

Financial Goal Setting

Setting the right monetary targets and working towards achieving them. Learn to manage and control your financial flow the way you want it to.

Financial Education for your child
that will last a Lifetime

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