A Statistical Advantage
for Middle-Schoolers

For Students of Classes 6 - 9

Why Mathematical Foundation
for Data Science?

Our Data Science programme focuses on enabling students from Grades 6-7-8 to equip them with the necessary foundational concepts required to; Collect, Analyze and Interpret data. We further help the students in developing a strong understanding of data, not just to pursue Data Science as a career but to help them make data-driven decisions in any career they pursue.

What will you learn?

Collecting and organizing data

  • Define data
  • Understand the need for collecting data
  • Understand the need for organizing data

Education Through Data Visualization

  • Organize Data
  • Represent Data in Charts and Graphs
  • Interpret data presented in visual form

Analyse/Summarise data

  • Understand the use of statistics in daily life
  • Understand and calculate aggregates

The Science Behind Data

  • Pattern-based data determination
  • Discover repeating patterns and interpret them
  • Understanding the concept of Probability
  • Predict outcomes based on patterns and probability
  • Effect of random data on patterns and forecasts
  • Asking questions to validate data and forecasts

How to Enroll for the Programme?


Download and Register on
the Countingwell app
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Go to the Courses section on the Countingwell App and open the Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Course and start learning.


Get your certification by completing the final exercises.

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Great course. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that has a keen interest in learning data science.

Wriddhi Ray

I was impressed by how effectively my child picked up the subject and started to enjoy learning the concepts of data science. My child has also developed his analytical skills.

Shubham Patel

I could not be happier with how the course went. It was well laid out, the structure and curriculum were very clear, and I learned a lot.

Roshni Pandya

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for middle-school children (of Class 6-7-8) to introduce them to the higher order thinking skills required to develop a “data mindset”, look at data in a whole new way, ask questions, make inferences and feel the magic of data science. This is the course they need to build the mathematical foundation that can help them take advantage of data for any career choice they make.

The course will help you build the foundations of “data thinking” and learn the concepts necessary to collect,analyze and interpret data that would further help you make efficient data driven decisions in any career you pursue. You will also be awarded a completion certificate at the end of the course.

When you download the Countingwell app, you will see a card for Mathematical Foundations of Data Science. You should complete the course for data science in the app. Once you complete the course, you will qualify for the assessment leading to the certification. We encourage you to review daily and prepare for the final assessment on the app.

The fee for Countingwell Mathematical Foundations of Data Science course is ₹1799 only.

Absolutely YES. The app is designed to help students like you learn maths in an easy and fun manner by just spending 20 minutes daily. It matches your school curriculum and will be a very helpful aid to your classroom learning. You can either continue with the free version or upgrade to premium to get unlimited access including doubt solving. Our subscription plans are Here.