19 February 2022



After the enthusiastic success of the India Maths Day, 2021,
Countingwell brings its Maths Challenge to the Middle-East.

Announcing the Gulf Maths Challenge!
A one-of-its kind Maths Challenge for
middle-school students across the Gulf region.

Sign up and be a part of the largest celebration of Mathematics this year!

Qualifiers start form 23rd January 2022

Registrations are Closed

Students to register on the Countingwell app

Let your celebrations begin

Join the students of class 6th, 7th and 8th from across the gulf and take part in the Challenge to celebrate Maths


Step 1

Download the Countingwell App on your phone


Step 2

Take a pre-assessment test on 23rd Jan, 2022


Step 3

Practice daily with the preparation course on the Countingwell Maths App


Step 4

Celebrate GMC by attempting the challenge between 2 pm to 7 pm (UAE time), 19th Feb, 2022

Register Yourself


Each winner can select the prize they want from among a number of options. Every participating student will receive a participation certificate. Top 3 students from each class win the Gulf Maths Genius Medal.

Schools Recognition *

  • Home of Maths Genius
  • Highest Scores across the Gulf and by Country
  • Highest Participation across the Gulf and by Country
  • Highest Score Improvement
  • * Applicable only to schools with a minimum 30 participants

About Countingwell

Countingwell’s blended learning strategy combines app-based micro-learning Maths lessons that children can do at home in sync with classroom teaching to maximise student success.

Our blended learning is intended to provide individualised and self-paced Maths learning for students and make it easy for teachers to assign personalised homework and pull data that guides their classroom instruction; allowing teachers to deliver differentiated instruction to students, use small group activities, engage students and facilitate effective learning for all

India Maths Day 2021






Hours of learning


For Students

The Countingwell Gulf Maths Challenge is an event that celebrates the importance and significance of Maths in our daily lives in the form of a Maths challenge for children in the Gulf.

Students from grades 6th, 7th and 8th from across the gulf can participate in this competition.

You can participate by downloading the Countingwell app and signing up for Gulf Maths Challenge.

You will need to download the Countingwell App from the links provided on this page on your smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices are supported. You cannot use the app on a PC or a tablet.

It is open to students of all academic boards.

Schools, as well as students, can enroll in Gulf Maths Challenge absolutely free of charge. Free users can only access the app for a limited amount of time each day. Nevertheless, this should be sufficient for most students to complete the learning and take the test.

Schools and students have the opportunity to showcase their maths abilities at a higher competitive level. In addition to exciting prizes that you can even choose for yourself, winning this competition brings prestige and glory to the students and to the school. The top 3 winners in each class also win the Gulf Maths Genius Medal.

Students who score the most correct answers in the least amount of time win the rewards. Schools with the best performing students also achieve recognition.

Students can register individually to compete. Individual winners can select the prize they want from among a number of options. Every participating student will receive a participation certificate.

You can prepare by completing the preparation course on the Countingwell app. You will be able to take the course immediately after you complete the pre-assessment test. Be sure to start this course early, so that you can complete it in time.

Absolutely YES. The app is designed to help students like you learn maths in an easy and fun manner by just spending 20 minutes daily. You will find it a valuable aid to your classroom learning since it matches your school curriculum. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the premium version for unlimited access, including doubt solving.

For Schools

Schools can register on and enroll students of their grade 6th, 7th and 8th to participate.

Students should download the Countingwell app and register on the app. As a part of the process students should take a pre-assessment test, on the 23rd of January 2022. On completing the pre-assessment test, they can immediately start practicing for the final with the prep course and finally take the Gulf Maths Challenge on 19th Feb, 2022.

Students must be in Grades 6-7-8. Allowing or encouraging students who are in higher grades to compete will lead to the school and its students being disqualified.

The school does not need to provide additional information. The students can register themselves on the Countingwell app and provide the required details. However, each school gets a "School Code" which you can see by logging into your Countingwell account. Students need to provide this School Code when the register on the Countingwell app in order to link their account with your school

  • Home of Maths Genius
  • Highest Scores across the Gulf and by Country
  • Highest Participation across the Gulf and by Country
  • Highest Score Improvement

In addition to winning prizes, certificates and recognition, we will also prepare the students for their maths chapters. Even if the schools don't follow the same syllabus, the content is designed to ensure that most of the concepts are covered. Our unique Learning-through-Competition program motivates children to learn maths concepts in a fun and engaging way.

For more information about Countingwell for Schools, visit: Countingwell can help your school provide your students with the most effective after-school learning and homework management tools.