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Education is a journey, not a race, and students learn best when they’re having fun while they do it. Countingwell makes class 6-8th Maths learning fun with step-by-step personalized learning path.

3 easy steps to start with your Maths Workout

  • Know your learning levels with quick assessment.
  • Get your personalized AI based Maths Workout Plan.
  • Start your 20 minute Maths Workout.

Daily Maths Workout Powered by AI

Countingwell’s AI-Driven algorithm is designed to enhance the learning experience of every child. The algorithm identifies the most appropriate skill level and even the missing pre-requisites your child requires to understand, in order to learn the topic effectively. The AI devises a personalized learning plan that helps your child get the most of out their 20-minute daily workouts with minimal screen time.

Everything You Needed to Learn Maths

Parents, we have
got your back

Success is different for every child. For some, it's getting to the top of the class; for others, its finding an answer on their own. We provide the right level of challenge to help your learners grow, gain confidence, and achieve their best.

Student centric
self-paced learning

Students feel encouraged to take ownership of their learning in an engaging visual environment with detailed feedback and on demand examples. We help them practice, understand and accelerate learning - all at their own pace.

Personalised learning
path for everyone

Countingwell precisely identifies what each student knows and doesn't know. Through truly individualized learning and formative assessment, Countingwell delivers a personalized learning path on the exact topics each student is most ready to learn.

Bringing student
motivation to life

A truly gratifying academic experience stems from concrete understanding of concepts. We keep your child engaged and confidently master math which eventually enables them to master in life.

See what your child is learning now

Countingwell tracks your child’s learning, growth and progress from the moment you put it on them. The impact to your family and their confidence is amazing!

Accelerated progress of your child

Countingwell's end-of-term reports have shown 90% of children learning with Countingwell are making good progress on average, compared to just 38% students making progress without Countingwell.

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