Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic.

It is integral to attempts at understanding the world, and it encourages mental discipline and logical reasoning. Mathematics is crucial to understanding the contents of other school subjects such as science, social studies, and even music and art.

Our focus, here at Countingwell, is to improve learning in Maths and help schools help their students develop a better relationship with Maths. Therefore, the goal of this study -‘State of Maths Learning’ is to better understand where middle school students (class 6-7-8-9) are with their Maths skills.

The results of this study are based on data collected from over 100,000 students for over a year.

We hope our State of Math Report 2022 will be a valuable tool for schools to use in their efforts to help the students solidify the foundation in Maths for higher classes & their careers.

Here are some key findings

1. The Biggest Problem with Maths is English

Ability to comprehend word problems is an important first step in the problem-solving process. However, it is one of most neglected skills in the Math classroom and it shows.

Performance by skills

2. Prior knowledge is key to future success in Maths

Learning deficits, whether owing to covid years or otherwise, play a key role in kids developing maths anxiety in future years. Kids in middle school, especially and grades 7 and 8 are the greatest victims of this learning deficit-induced Maths anxiety. Breaking this chain of growing learning deficit can bring kids back up to speed and on par with the rest of the class.

Previous knowledge

3. But all is not sad and discouraging. Encouraging news from Tier II and Tier III towns, show that with the right intervention, students in smaller towns can meet the performance levels of their big city counterparts.

4. What’s more, while traditionally, girls tend to fall behind boys in Maths, with personalized attention and differentiated learning, they are catching up!

Performance by city category Boys vs girls

The key takeaways from data collected from over 100,000 students learning on Countingwell during 2022 are:

1. Focus on Language Comprehension is important: If you want kids to solve word problems, they have to understand the words first!

2. Learning Deficits need attention: Learning deficits can be the root of confusion and anxiety as kids learn concepts that build on what the learn in earlier classes. Lack of attention to learning deficit less to lack of learning.

3. Differentiated Learning helps: Whether its big city kids vs. small town teens or just boys vs. girls, different family background, parental priorities and even teacher's’ prejudices determine skill gaps. A differentiated and personalized learning plan can go a long way in improving achievements levels of children, even in the same classroom.

Focus Areas for Teachers

We also identified key concepts where overall, students especially struggled. This can be a good starting point for teachers to provide general intervention and some remedial attention in the classroom.

Weakest concepts Weakest concepts class 7 Weakest concepts class 8 Weakest concepts class 9

The Countingwell State of Maths Learning Report 2022 delivers some interesting insights and food for thought for educators and school administrators.

Download the full report here:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and suggestions for Math teachers in the community to help improve learning outcomes and just make it fun..for both the kids and teachers.


The future of maths education is not solitary; it's synergistic. So, are you ready to make the shift?

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